Rudy Ramos

In October 2017, Bareburger, an early architect in organic, local and sustainable food, announced they would be launching their first all vegan restaurant in New York City – they have since found their Chef.

By most accounts, NYC-based Chef Vegicano (Rudy Ramos) is an unconventional choice; a former musician by trade and a vegan for over 14 years, he got his start cooking vegan food with Food Not Bombs and writing about all things vegan for Supervegan. He is self-taught and most recently known for being a part of various pop-ups throughout New York City.

“Taste defeats tradition any day of the week,” says Ramos. “I approach vegan food with no rules, utilizing flavors from all around the world to make delicious eats. I’m excited to be working with Bareburger, they’ve literally given me the reins to come up with something truly exciting. What’s cool is that I’ve been eating vegan options at Bareburger for years, now I’m creating a restaurant with them.”