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Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and various types of fries laid out on a table.

7 Day Weekend

Welcome to 7 Day Weekend, our vegan restaurant! To us, delicious food is like good music—it hits all the right notes while holding a steady groove, making sure everyone can sing along. From delightfully piquant flavors to sugary sweet treats, our thoughtfully-crafted vegan food is for ALL to enjoy.

Burgers, a bowl of fries, sweet fries and onion rings laid out on a table.


Every burger, salad and sandwich we make at Bareburger is rooted in close relationships with our network of sustainable farmers & partners—because we know that sustainability goes way beyond food. So whether you’re a carnivore, veggie-head, or gluten-hater, you can come hang with us for all the local, organic, & sustainable burgers, shakes, salads, fries, and sides your earth-loving mouth can handle.

Beef cuts, corn, and sausages laid out on a table.

Salt & Bone

Meet the most hardcore member of our family: Salt & Bone. Locally-sourced, antibiotic, hormone, and guilt-free BBQ you can feel good about eating. Rest easy knowing that our chickens live a freer life than most humans, clucking their days away on wide-open ranges.

We can cater your next event

Our mission is simple: make all vegans, meatlovers, and vegetarians happy. Offering the best catering from our family of restaurants: Bareburger, Salt & Bone Smokehouse, 7 Day Weekend vegan!

Why Bare Bone Weekend?



Whether you are throwing an office
party, celebrating a birthday, or
getting married, we can cover any
catering need!


We have the answer to all diets. If
you are in the mood for some BBQ,
fancying a burger, or craving some
vegan-comfort, we are here for you.


Perfected from one kitchen, each chef prepares their menu with care in it’s own dedicated area. At Bare Bone Weekend we give you three menus with hassle-free delivery—all in one place.


We took your different, delicious cravings and put them in one awesome place: Bare Bone Weekend. Order away.

Meet Rudy, One of Our 3 Chefs

Chef Vegicano (Rudy Ramos) is all about good food & good vibes. A musician by trade and vegan for over 14 years, Rudy got his start cooking vegan with Food Not Bombs. He is self-taught and recently known for being a part of various pop-ups throughout New York City.

What Happens Here

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Bear hand checking off a list on a notepad: diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart disease.

3 Reasons Why You Should Add More Plant-Based Options To Your Diet

By Bareburger

I’d like to start by saying “plant-based” does not mean vegan, or even vegetarian. We love and support vegans and vegetarians alike, but we will never stop celebrating the meat eaters. Plant-based is defined by what it includes, not what it excludes. We like that here.

Hand with black glove holding out ribs over a tray of ribs.

Salt and Bone is NYC’s Next Brisket Destination located in Astoria

By Eater

Texas-style Salt & Bone Smokehouse aims to be the Hometown Bar-B-Que of Astoria. The huge space sprawls a block east of the N stop at 30th Avenue, penned in by 32nd Street and Newtown Avenue on its own micro-block.

Chef Rudy Ramos standing in front of a colorfully painted wall, with sunglasses and an apron on.

Bareburger Hires Ethical Vegan Chef to Start a New Vegan Concept

By Vegnews

Chain restaurant Bareburger selected chef Rudy Ramos—known as “Chef Vegicano”—to develop the menu for its first vegan outpost in New York City.